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CRF Data Cleanup

As you may be aware, the Batch “C” College Relief Fund Scholarship program will commence on the 15th of August for eligible candidates.

About CRF Mini-Scholarships

About Mini-Scholarship Series.
The CRF Mini Scholarships are minor financial aids offered to students on a basis of needs. These disbursements are not necessarily tied to the best or top scorers in the Aptitude Tests.

Enlisting Guide

Dear Applicant,

We have been inundated with requests for help regarding Enlisting for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test. Hence this help guide to answer most of your questions.


1. Login Issues.
  • We understand that some candidates have login issues where the site reloads without actually logging them in.
  • If you encounter such, use a Different Web Browser, Device or Switch your Data Network.
    Note that this is a client-side error and we cannot help more than tell you the above mentioned. Of it persists, use a computer or visit a cafe.
2. Enlisting Issue
  • Only Pre-Selected candidates will be able to enlist for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test. Ensure you are logged in to your dashboard and click the Green Pre-Selected Flip Box.
  • Once flipped, click on ENLIST. Ensure you read and understand the enlisting terms. It explains the process and category of questions to prepare for.
3. Uploading Documents
  • If you are not conversant with uploading documents online, please visit a Cyber Cafe or ask a friend for help.
  • You can upload your documents in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats. You can also simply take a photo of your documents and upload.
  • Ensure that the size is less than 1mb per file. The smaller, the better.
  • Your School/Jamb Admission Letter can serve as your ID Card if you are yet to be issued an ID Card.
  • If you are yet to sit for an examination or do not have results yet, leave it blank and provide an explanation.
  • Note that once the form is submitted, you cannot change any information unless specifically asked to.
  • If the form is submitted without documents, please send the documents to [email protected] through your email registered on the portal.
4. Rolling Submit Button.
  • In the event that the submit button keeps rolling when uploading your documents, please try a different browser, device or network. Or visit a cafe.
5. Still Seeing Test Days After Selection.
  • If you still see the list of test dates, simply log out and log back in to confirm.
  • If it still persists, select a different date without uploading your documents as your documents would have already been submitted.
6. Answers to Practice Test
  • The practice test is prepared to simulate the real test. However, you are allowed to Google answers to confirm them.
  • The test is provided so to help you confirm that your device is compatible with the live testing service.
  • The live test may or may not have the exact format of questions.

This page will be updated from time to time to reflect any new changes.


Application Step by Step Guide

Here is a Step by Step Guide to help you through the application process and show you what to expect in each step.

Update on Your Feedback/Complaints

We wish to appreciate your feedback and complaints received after the Aptitude Test, they will in no doubt ensure we continue to improve the effectiveness of our scholarship application, vetting and disbursement processes.

Most feedback were positive regarding the overall conduct of the test and the effectiveness of the testing server which handled all the test applicants smoothly (with very little network related issues).

Regarding complaints, about 40% of complaints (which makes up 3.7% of total Aptitude Test takers) centered on lower than expected scores. We take these complaints seriously, even though it only affected a small fraction of tested applicants. Other complaints included Missed Test Category where some applicants mistakenly submitted the test without answering a category or two; Unresponsive Test Screen (which was mostly a client-side device or browser issue), and Missed Test Date.

To this regard, we have done a thorough review of the test results and have made or will implement some adjustments as stated below:

  1. Lower Than Expected Score
    a. As explained before the test, all activities regarding the test are logged. Some users had the habit of checking answers during the test and were detected, hence the next answered question was not graded.
    b. Having said the above, users who left the test screen for very brief periods (5seconds or less) will have the missed answer regraded and added to their overall grade. (This decision was taken to account for possible brief network interruptions).
    c. To clarify, there was no negative-marking in the test.
  2. Missed Test Category
    a. Test takers who submitted the test too early without seeing one or two categories will have the answered category graded over 100%, discarding the missed category.
    b. Applicants in this complaint category will however be penalized 10% total grade.
    c. Note that this applies only to applicants who did not see any question in the missed category and not to users who saw the questions and skipped them.
  3. Unresponsive Test Screen
    a. From the activities log, users in this category did not heed to using Chrome Browser for the Aptitude Test, as such, no action will be taken on our part.
  4. Missed Test Date.
    a. Applicants who missed their test dates during the test period were allowed to write on a different day. However, users who missed the test days altogether will not be allotted another date after the Grace Period (which was used to test visually impaired applicants).
    b. Applicants who could not write the test will be contacted to write again in the second batch.

All applicants who sat for the test are advised to visit the Aptitude Test Zone to regularly check for any changes in grade percentage from now until 5th January when all result changes must have been effected.

Note that applicants who still fall short of the announced cut-off mark will be invited to rewrite the test in the second batch without payment of enlisting fee.

Applicants who score above the cutoff mark and passed document verification should expect a Scholarship Grant Notice in their official email from the 15th of January.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback.

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