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May Mini-Scholarship Shortlist

Please find below the shortlist for the end of May Mini-Scholarship awardees.

These disbursements are not based on merit or test scores, but staff-picked based on different criteria.
The Mini-scholarships awardees listed below received between N20,000 to N100,000 only.
Below is the list of the second Mini-Scholarship awardees. We hope to reach more students as little as we can.

1.Christabel Umezurike0803***6773
2.Collins Okpako0810***8645
3.Comfort Hyeingmen D.0802***9312
4.Merit Anthony0813***8575
5.Obeleye Abali0906***7193
6.Patience Kayit0813***9798
7.Queen Cletus0906***6599
8.Ruth Jonah0812***9981
9.Sharon S. Oluyemi0803***1870
10.Tamunoibelema Imieokuma0703***8349
11.Collins Chiemeke0909***6593
12.Constance Konnie0703***9426
13.Diepreye Charlie0809***4281
14.Friday Ofili0803***6649
15.Lillian Edekobi0813***8754
16.Nnamdi Umunnabuike0902***6347
17.Rahmatu Musa0813***8958
18.Sambo Melody0803***1103
19.Sarah Y. Ejeh0809***3652
20.Solomon Ogiji0809***9759
21.Keren Amos Hai0813***4534
22.Samuel Olushola0803***8638
23.Eisha Ahmed0902***6856
24.Jennifer Daniel0902***7682
25.Patricia Ese Eguabor0803***0032
26.Ruby I. Epelle0703***2470
27.Rakiya A. Abdulmalik0813***4777
28.Aniefiok Victor0815***6766
29.Emmanuel Bush0809***2937
30.Sarah Samuel0803***4179
31.Oghogho Zofe0703***2179
32.Rahab Luther0703***5170
33.Fibian Chungga0809***2837
34.Kyanchat Victor0809***5448
35.Melody Sambo0812***6588
36.Abubakar Nasir0802***4608
37.Ibrahim Uba Ahmed0803***3575
38.Idris Amin0706***0788
39.Aretha Samuel0809***5963
40.Esther Adejoh0815***1307
41.Goodluck Salamatu Eze0803***0038
42.Ekene Hycent0703***8699
43.Prisca Obi0902***9454
44.Abosede Olufunso0905***7912
45.Hunom Haruna0803***4999
46.Idris Mohammed0909***9237
47.Kingsley Okogun0809***6459
48.Lynsa Amos0703***1905
49.Tariere Dabipi0815***9054
50.Doris Jugu0809***7380
51.George Orji0905***8154
52.Olusegun Emmanuel Gabriel0803***2959
53.Ada Anthony0813***9249
54.Samson Makama0902***4524
55.Lucky Ishaya0905***1336
56.Biaebari Nwiakeeri0902***3762
57.Hauwa Sa’ad0703***8065
58.Michael Ubara0909***9431
59.Chinelo Nwangene0803***7111
60.Gloria Timothy0810***5544
61.Tijjani U. Aliyu0809***6688
62.Angela Kato0803***0406
63.Ochai Ogaba0815***5822
64.Sally Ibrahim0803***0153
65.Owolewa Lola0809***9523
66.Bridget Shindong0815***1336
67.Rosalin O. Apata0902***5245
68.Kingsley James0809***2309
69.Cherish Jonathan0703***4726
70.Bamaiyi Maaji0803***6167
71.Nero Odoko0703***3776
72.Sheba Joshua0902***4614
73.Francis P. Chilaka0815***4681
74.Abdulgaffar  Suleiman0803***7417
75.Austin Onoja0703***7527
76.Mariam Ahmed0815***5778
77.Tubo Okumoko0703***8253
78.Franca Okumo0703***6828
79.Emmanule Joseph0809***3022
80.Morgan Ofoni0809***8434
81.Catherine E. Roland0803***9651
82.Abdulsalam Naseer0902***2482
83.Ernest Kalu0902***7334
84.Godswill Amadi0809***2296
85.Joachim Nicholas0809***8503
86.Susanna Gimba0812***9713
87.Victor Shelle0703***2045
88.Nwoke Bieh0703***4964
89.Chioma  Ogana0803***5203
90.Philip Dangiwa0703***7662
91.Ruth Zugwai0703***0122
92.Preye Inimiesi0703***5860
93.Tokoni Akpaingolo0906***7972
94.Odihi Umoru0803***8404
95.Chisom Cynthia0809***7928
96.Umbu Ovieyiwo0706***8218

Students whose names appear above have begun receiving disbursements. Please do not contact the official lines for further considerations.

We wish all participants goodluck in their educational pursuit.

Feedback Handling (Batch B)

After the just concluded test that was conducted from the 29th of March to 2nd April, the feedback portal is now open to recieve feedback and complaints from some whom may have legitimate concerns.

This is done in the spirit of transparency as is the standard of the College Relief Fund scholarship program.

Preliminary checks show that most participants had a smooth aptitude test session after following all the instructions. Some missed thier test dates due to various reasons. However, some had zero scores.

Zero Scores will be our priority as we believe it is a network error beyond their control.

All other complaints will be handled on an individual case bases.

All participants who submit the feedback form should keep checking their dashboard and the Aptitude Test Zone for updates on our feedback.

Note, all feedback/complaints will be handled based on the terms of the feedback protocols.

All complaints must have been handled on or before 19th April 2021.

Aptitute Test Information and New Dates


Congratulations once again on being Pre-Selected and for enlisting for the Documents Verification and Aptitude Test.

As you are aware, the test was scheduled to take place from 1st to 5th of December, 2020.

However, we want to announce that there is a forward shift of the test date. The test will now take place from the 14th-18th of December 2020.

Consequently, the new test dates are as follow:

Day 1 = 14th December (Monday)
Day 2 = 15th December (Tuesday
Day 3 = 16th December (Wednesday)
Day 4 = 17th December (Thursday)
Day 5 = 18th December (Friday)

You can take the test anytime from 00.01am to 11:59pm on your selected date.

This rescheduling was made necessary due to the need to provide a smooth user experience for you during the test period and mitigate against foreseen network errors. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Note that you will be asked to answer 10 questions each from any 3 of 4 categories, which include General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Language Use and Quantitative Reasoning.
Total questions will be 30 to be answered in 15minutes.
The test is optimized for both laptops and mobile devices running the Chrome Browser.

See sample questions below:

CATEGORY: Current Affairs
Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?
A. 6          B. 5         C. 4           D. 3

CATEGORY: General Knowledge
Goods leaving Nigeria to other countries are called ____
A. export        B. imports         C. local         D. counterfeit

CATEGORY: Language Use
Which word  is the closest in meaning to ‘grateful’?
A. hopeful        B. thankful       C. sincere          D. loving

CATEGORY: Quantitative Reasoning
Look at this series: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, … What number should come next?
A. 11         B. 12        C. 13        D. 14

You will need to score 80% and pass the Document Verification to be eligible for Scholarship Disbursement for this first batch (disbursement starts 15th January 2021 as schools resume nationwide).
Those who have a lower score will be contacted to re-take the test for FREE in the second batch.

Please confirm that you see a Countdown Timer on your dashboard. If you still see a list of test dates, please contact 09029553933 via WhatsApp.

We wish you good luck as you plan towards the test.


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