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Feedback Handling (Batch C)

After the just concluded test that was conducted from the 1st to 5th November, the feedback portal is now open to receive feedback and complaints from some who may have legitimate concerns.

This is done in the spirit of transparency as is the standard of the College Relief Fund scholarship program.

Preliminary checks show that most participants had a smooth aptitude test session after following all the instructions. Some missed their test dates due to various reasons. However, some had zero scores.

Zero Scores will be our priority to enable them to take the test as their answers may not have been uploaded by their browser/network.

All other complaints will be handled on an individual case basis.

All participants who submit the feedback form should keep checking their dashboard and the Aptitude Test Zone for updates on our feedback.

Note, all feedback/complaints will be handled based on the terms of the feedback protocols.

All complaints must have been handled on or before 19th November 2021.

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