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CRF (Nigeria) 2023 Batch ‘A’ Timetable

As the College Relief Fund Scholarship application progresses for Batch ‘A’ of 2023, we will like all applicants to take notice of the tentative timetable of the significant milestones for Nigerian Applicants.

2022 Batch ‘B’ Timetable

Dear applicants, the 2022 Batch B Applicantion window is coming to an end soon and as such, we will like to outline the timetable of events to expect in the coming weeks regarding your current applicantion.

Refund of Batch A Verification Fees

The Management of the College Relief Fund Initiative wishes to thank all participants for their interest and support through our 1year of activities in Nigeria.

In the First Installment of the College Relief Fund (Batch A), successfully Pre-Selected candidates made a token payment of N1,075 (One Thousand and Seventy-Five Naira) only as Document Verification and Aptitude Test Fees.

These payments were collected on behalf of a third party organization which was saddled with the responsibility of verifying submitted information and documents of applicants.

However, since then, the Management has decided to conduct these tests and Document verification for free. We have also selected students from various higher institutions to join our team of Document Verifiers in line with keeping up with the integrity of our selection process while keeping our overhead costs low.

As a result of the aforementioned actions on our part and in fairness to all Batch “A” applicants, the Management of College Relief Fund hereby wishes to process a full refund of the Document Verification fees paid by Batch “A” Applicants. This includes those who were selected and those who were not successful in securing the disbursement either due to failing the Aptitude Test or Failing the Document Verification process.

Who Qualifies:

Candidates must meet all these criteria:

  • Batch A Candidate
  • Was Pre-Selected
  • Wrote Aptitude Test
  • Either Passed or Failed Aptitude Test
  • Either Passed or Failed Document Verification
  • Either Selected or Not for Scholarship

If you meet the above criteria, follow the link below to submit your banking details for processing, approval and refund.

The management of College Relief Fund is committed to providing a Free and Fair scholarship Application, Pre-Selection, Aptitude Testing and Disbursement to all students.

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