January Mini-Scholarship Shortlist

Please find below the shortlist for the January Mini-Scholarship awardees.
As explained HERE, these disbursements are not based on merit or test scores, but staff-picked based on need analysis of currently resumed students.

CRF Batch “C” Scholarship Awardees

We are happy to announce the 3rd batch of the College Relief Fund Scholarship awardees since inception in 2020 (excluding Mini-Lists).
In line with our ultimate vision, the scholarships followed a need-based-first approach to identify candidates. For this batch, there was no guaranteed cut-off mark for the aptitude test.

College Relief Fund Corporate Relocation Notice

We want to start off by saying a big thank you to all stakeholders and supporters of the College Relief Fund Scholarship Program.

Since inception and formation in 2018, we have been an active local organization with the aim of helping students meet financial obligations to continue their studies without having to worry about fees and personal expenses.

This aim and vision will continue in the nearest future even as we draw near to our initial funding target.

However, it has become clear to us that to better serve our local communities in Nigeria, and soon in other parts of Africa, we must relocate to a freer environment, where local officials will not constantly seek to interfere with our principles of integrity and impartiality in our scholarship process.

Furthermore, the move is intended to help us centralize our African operations without any hint of favoritism to any country over another.

It is with this, that we hereby notify all our current and future applicants that the College Relief Fund Initiative will be relocating to the United States of America.


  • We will be closer to our funding partners and hopefully have better access to new partnerships to continue and expand our work.
  • Our new office will be our central base of operations catering for all activities across the continent of Africa.


  • Applicants may not necessarily be impacted, except for contacting our support lines which will transition to our international lines in the coming weeks.
  • We will have country representatives and Document Verifiers across the country for smooth verification processes.
  • If needed, successful applicants may receive disbursement in US Dollars equivalent to approved scholarship amount.


As stated, our move is to the United States of America, specifically the state of Idaho.

Our full office address and Phone Line is available HERE on the Contact Page.

We want to reiterate that our local activities will continue without hitches through the various mechanisms we have put in place in recent months.

Refund of Batch A Verification Fees

The Management of the College Relief Fund Initiative wishes to thank all participants for their interest and support through our 1year of activities in Nigeria.

In the First Installment of the College Relief Fund (Batch A), successfully Pre-Selected candidates made a token payment of N1,075 (One Thousand and Seventy-Five Naira) only as Document Verification and Aptitude Test Fees.

These payments were collected on behalf of a third party organization which was saddled with the responsibility of verifying submitted information and documents of applicants.

However, since then, the Management has decided to conduct these tests and Document verification for free. We have also selected students from various higher institutions to join our team of Document Verifiers in line with keeping up with the integrity of our selection process while keeping our overhead costs low.

As a result of the aforementioned actions on our part and in fairness to all Batch “A” applicants, the Management of College Relief Fund hereby wishes to process a full refund of the Document Verification fees paid by Batch “A” Applicants. This includes those who were selected and those who were not successful in securing the disbursement either due to failing the Aptitude Test or Failing the Document Verification process.

Who Qualifies:

Candidates must meet all these criteria:

  • Batch A Candidate
  • Was Pre-Selected
  • Wrote Aptitude Test
  • Either Passed or Failed Aptitude Test
  • Either Passed or Failed Document Verification
  • Either Selected or Not for Scholarship

If you meet the above criteria, follow the link below to submit your banking details for processing, approval and refund.

The management of College Relief Fund is committed to providing a Free and Fair scholarship Application, Pre-Selection, Aptitude Testing and Disbursement to all students.

Batch C Scholarship Application is Now Open!

We are happy to announce that the 2021-2 (Batch C) College Relief Fund Scholarship Application is now open and live.

CRF Data Cleanup

As you may be aware, the Batch “C” College Relief Fund Scholarship program will commence on the 15th of August for eligible candidates.

July Mini-Scholarship Shortlist

Please find below the shortlist for the end of July Mini-Scholarship awardees.
As explained HERE, these disbursements are not based on merit or test scores, but staff-picked based on need analysis of currently resumed students.

Barka Da Sallah Giveaway (Airtime & Data)

It is a special day for our Muslim Brothers and Sisters and we here at College Relief Fund want to wish all of you Barka Da Sallah…

CRF Batch B Scholarship Awardees (2021-2)

The College Relief Fund Initiative is happy to announce the second batch of scholarship awardees in the scholarship program.

There was significant improvement in the aptitude test scores of participants as exemplified by the number of students who passed the guaranteed cutoff mark.

Val Giveaway (Airtime & Data)

CRF Valentine Giveaway

It is the Season of Love, and we over here at CRF are going to get a little bit into the action. We want you to join us.

While you plan to call that special someone, we thought to do a giveaway and share some Recharge Card Codes and Data Codes to random visitors of the portal. (Note that this is not part of the Referral Program’s Data and Recharge rewards.)

There will be codes for airtime showing up at Random Times on Random Pages of the site for logged in users. These codes range from N100 to N1000 airtime for Glo, MTN, Airtel & Etisalat only. Take your time browsing past pages you’ve visited to reveal the codes.

How to win:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Browse through all the pages and blog posts you can find on the site.
  3. Ensure you reach the bottom of all the pages while looking.
  4. Look for hidden clues. (You may see clues like “Try Again“, “Relax and Check Later“, “Giveaway Codes Can be Hidden around here“, etc and the codes themselves like “Glo: 1234123412341234“)
  5. Data codes will look like “Data Code: 1234“, you are expected to send the code to our WhatsApp number for validation and to receive the data.
  6. Try to take a break after sometime and check again later in the day if you can’t find one after about 10-20minutes.
  7. As you browse different posts and pages, you may see content of interest to you that may also add value to your experience.
  8. Higher Recharge denominations are rarer to find. Wish you luck.

Note: Some codes will require special actions to reveal (like following specific links, commenting etc), some will simply display at random times to lucky winners. Hope you will be one of them.

To help us remove used codes, please comment here after you recharge it. You can simply paste the last 4 numbers and the network for security reasons.

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