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College Relief Fund Corporate Relocation Notice

We want to start off by saying a big thank you to all stakeholders and supporters of the College Relief Fund Scholarship Program.

Since inception and formation in 2018, we have been an active local organization with the aim of helping students meet financial obligations to continue their studies without having to worry about fees and personal expenses.

This aim and vision will continue in the nearest future even as we draw near to our initial funding target.

However, it has become clear to us that to better serve our local communities in Nigeria, and soon in other parts of Africa, we must relocate to a freer environment, where local officials will not constantly seek to interfere with our principles of integrity and impartiality in our scholarship process.

Furthermore, the move is intended to help us centralize our African operations without any hint of favoritism to any country over another.

It is with this, that we hereby notify all our current and future applicants that the College Relief Fund Initiative will be relocating to the United States of America.


  • We will be closer to our funding partners and hopefully have better access to new partnerships to continue and expand our work.
  • Our new office will be our central base of operations catering for all activities across the continent of Africa.


  • Applicants may not necessarily be impacted, except for contacting our support lines which will transition to our international lines in the coming weeks.
  • We will have country representatives and Document Verifiers across the country for smooth verification processes.
  • If needed, successful applicants may receive disbursement in US Dollars equivalent to approved scholarship amount.


As stated, our move is to the United States of America, specifically the state of Idaho.

Our full office address and Phone Line is available HERE on the Contact Page.

We want to reiterate that our local activities will continue without hitches through the various mechanisms we have put in place in recent months.

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