Val Giveaway (Airtime & Data)

CRF Valentine Giveaway

It is the Season of Love, and we over here at CRF are going to get a little bit into the action. We want you to join us.

While you plan to call that special someone, we thought to do a giveaway and share some Recharge Card Codes and Data Codes to random visitors of the portal. (Note that this is not part of the Referral Program’s Data and Recharge rewards.)

There will be codes for airtime showing up at Random Times on Random Pages of the site for logged in users. These codes range from N100 to N1000 airtime for Glo, MTN, Airtel & Etisalat only. Take your time browsing past pages you’ve visited to reveal the codes.

How to win:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Browse through all the pages and blog posts you can find on the site.
  3. Ensure you reach the bottom of all the pages while looking.
  4. Look for hidden clues. (You may see clues like “Try Again“, “Relax and Check Later“, “Giveaway Codes Can be Hidden around here“, etc and the codes themselves like “Glo: 1234123412341234“)
  5. Data codes will look like “Data Code: 1234“, you are expected to send the code to our WhatsApp number for validation and to receive the data.
  6. Try to take a break after sometime and check again later in the day if you can’t find one after about 10-20minutes.
  7. As you browse different posts and pages, you may see content of interest to you that may also add value to your experience.
  8. Higher Recharge denominations are rarer to find. Wish you luck.

Note: Some codes will require special actions to reveal (like following specific links, commenting etc), some will simply display at random times to lucky winners. Hope you will be one of them.

To help us remove used codes, please comment here after you recharge it. You can simply paste the last 4 numbers and the network for security reasons.

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