ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. THE BELOW IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES (Changes may be applied in future seasons)


  1. Eligibility is open to all Nigerian students schooling in accredited Universities, Polytechnics  / Monotechnics and Colleges of Education (public or private) within the country.
  2. Students must NOT be in their Final Year during the application period. Ex: Level 100 – 300 for a typical 4years University Program. Pre-ND – HND 1 for Polytechnics / Monotechnics etc.
  3. Student must not have undergone academic probation at any time due to poor grades.
  4. Registration, Enrollment, Document Verification and Aptitude Test is Free. Do not make any payment to anyone who claims to be able to influence the process in your favour.

Ensure the information provided is correct as at when filling the form.

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