CRF Batch B Scholarship Awardees (2021-2)

The College Relief Fund Initiative is happy to announce the second batch of scholarship awardees in the scholarship program.

There was significant improvement in the aptitude test scores of participants as exemplified by the number of students who passed the guaranteed cutoff mark.

Enlisting Guide

Dear Applicant,

We have been inundated with requests for help regarding Enlisting for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test. Hence this help guide to answer most of your questions.


1. Login Issues.
  • We understand that some candidates have login issues where the site reloads without actually logging them in.
  • If you encounter such, use a Different Web Browser, Device or Switch your Data Network.
    Note that this is a client-side error and we cannot help more than tell you the above mentioned. Of it persists, use a computer or visit a cafe.
2. Enlisting Issue
  • Only Pre-Selected candidates will be able to enlist for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test. Ensure you are logged in to your dashboard and click the Green Pre-Selected Flip Box.
  • Once flipped, click on ENLIST. Ensure you read and understand the enlisting terms. It explains the process and category of questions to prepare for.
3. Uploading Documents
  • If you are not conversant with uploading documents online, please visit a Cyber Cafe or ask a friend for help.
  • You can upload your documents in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats. You can also simply take a photo of your documents and upload.
  • Ensure that the size is less than 1mb per file. The smaller, the better.
  • Your School/Jamb Admission Letter can serve as your ID Card if you are yet to be issued an ID Card.
  • If you are yet to sit for an examination or do not have results yet, leave it blank and provide an explanation.
  • Note that once the form is submitted, you cannot change any information unless specifically asked to.
  • If the form is submitted without documents, please send the documents to [email protected] through your email registered on the portal.
4. Rolling Submit Button.
  • In the event that the submit button keeps rolling when uploading your documents, please try a different browser, device or network. Or visit a cafe.
5. Still Seeing Test Days After Selection.
  • If you still see the list of test dates, simply log out and log back in to confirm.
  • If it still persists, select a different date without uploading your documents as your documents would have already been submitted.
6. Answers to Practice Test
  • The practice test is prepared to simulate the real test. However, you are allowed to Google answers to confirm them.
  • The test is provided so to help you confirm that your device is compatible with the live testing service.
  • The live test may or may not have the exact format of questions.

This page will be updated from time to time to reflect any new changes.


Val Giveaway (Airtime & Data)

CRF Valentine Giveaway

Hello, seems you are here for the 2022 Valentine Giveaway.

Note, the College Relief Fund Portal for Nigerians is now on a new domain ( The .com domain will always be there to redirect you to your country portal.

Application Step by Step Guide

Here is a Step by Step Guide to help you through the application process and show you what to expect in each step.

Batch B (2021-2) Season of College Relief Fund (upcoming)

As you are aware, we have concluded our maiden season of the College Relief Fund scholarship program. Successful students list can be found HERE.

Enrollment for the Batch B (2021-2) Season of the program is expected to kick off on the 1st of February 2021.

Important things to note in the upcoming season:

  1. There will be NO Verification nor Test Fee going forward. The service will be paid for by College Relief Fund Initiative for all Pre-selected Candidates.
  2. Applicants who wrote the aptitude test in the maiden edition will not be required to fill any more forms.
  3. Applicants who scored lower than the cut-off mark in the maiden season will be given preference in the next season.

With regards to this, we advice you to update/confirm your Name, phone number, alternate phone number and Notification Preference going forward.

To update your user details, please login to your Dashboard, scroll down and click the button to proceed or click HERE if logged in already.

You are welcome to follow the countdown on the Homepage for the commencement of enrollment.

CRF 2021-1 (Batch A) Scholarship Awardees

College Relief Fund welcomes you back from the yuletide break.

We are glad to announce that after a rigorous first round of application, pre-selection, testing and document verification, these students have emerged successful for Batch “A” Scholarship Award and will be disbursed funds through our organization. Find the list of names below.

These applicants scored at least 80% in the aptitude test and also passed the document verification process. Students who scored less than the cut-off mark will be contacted to retake the test in the Batch B (to be announced) and will be given preference over new applicants.

Those whose names are not listed will be informed on steps to take in the Batch B, so students are to check their dashboard from time to time.

Be aware that you will NOT be expected to make payments if/when contacted.

Congratulations to all awardees and a productive 2021 to all.

1.Aariyo O. Aariyo0813***3526
2.Abasieno Eden0703***0089
3.Abayomi Yetude0909***2523
4.Abdi Sahal Adamu0902***8430
5.Abdullahi Naimat0703***8810
6.Abdurrahman M. Zubairu0902***4319
7.Abigail Abalaka0703***0261
8.Abosede Ogunlade Bello0906***7395
9.Abraham Christabell0809***5830
10.Abubakar K. Abubakar0803***7775
11.Abubakar M. Faridah0815***6671
12.Abubakar MaiNasara0703***0530
13.Abuchi Mbah Great0812***1478
14.Abudu Anita0803***7455
15.Adams Ishaku K.0803***4686
16.Adedoyin O. Adebowale0706***8417
17.Adeniba Adeleye0905***6560
18.Adeyemi Osungbemi0703***6029
19.Afamefuna Mercy0906***0371
20.Aisha Abu0902***2850
21.Aisha Adamu0803***8451
22.Aisha Aina0905***5579
23.Aisha Mohammed L.0813***5678
24.Ajadi Bashir Olabisi0905***7492
25.Akinbode Oluwaseun0813***4348
26.Anita Christian0809***6748
27.Ayomide Nurudeen0809***3715
28.Azeta Queen0902***6817
29.Bariyat S. Sunny0703***4840
30.Bashman Saidi0815***7246
31.Batokinase Nwoye0703***8427
32.Becky Timothy-Aruna0803***6942
33.Bello Daramola0809***7014
34.Bolaji Quadri0809***2876
35.Bonaventure Osato0706***3664
36.Brightness Chimezie0809***8302
37.Chidiebere Okeke0703***6186
38.Chikaodinaka K. Odukwu0803***5286
39.Chollom Eric C.0706***5400
40.Chukwudi Chioma0706***5931
41.Clemson Okoh0703***4414
42.Cyprian Ebuka J.0815***3708
43.David Saba0802***3139
44.Deborah John C.0802***4853
45.Deke Talitha T.0809***4578
46.Dorcas G. Kwasau0813***3919
47.Dorcas Roberts0902***8768
48.Ebojoh V. Ibojo0703***7492
49.Elvis Kwame0813***3085
50.Emem Godday0802***6814
51.Emmanuel Gbenga0812***1499
52.Emordi Afamefuna0803***5107
53.Ene Austine0809***6493
54.Enigboka Edewor P.0810***9882
55.Enoch Victoria0802***6164
56.Erima Eworo0706***5358
57.Evbuowan Charity0902***8470
58.Felix Omote0809***3735
59.Fofah Jeremiah0909***9842
60.Freedom Okolie Anthony0809***9938
61.Gbemiga Rejoice0809***7773
62.Glory Danmusa0810***7151
63.Grace Bako0902***6255
64.Gyeyock Reuben0809***6864
65.Ibrahim Amin Kima0803***0867
66.Idowu I. Bola0812***1405
67.Idris Mohammed0905***7827
68.Ikechukwu Ezechukwu0703***3641
69.Irene Nwankwo0812***5893
70.Israel Ishaku0902***6762
71.Ivwigre James0909***4436
72.Iyalla Iwori0703***8227
73.Iyare Melody N.0809***6867
74.Jeanom Williams0802***3844
75.Jude Aboh Joseph0803***1816
76.Karen Isa0815***0461
77.Kingsley N. Dyakas0703***6888
78.Lucky Etoniru0815***7836
79.Lucky Ishaya0706***5090
80.Maryam M Kuso0706***1517
81.Mercy Bobai0803***0338
82.Mesogboriwon Olushola0809***2138
83.Miriam Monday0803***3171
84.Mohamed Habiba0703***8595
85.Mohammed Alhassan D.0803***3123
86.Mohammed Ishaya S.0902***6886
87.Mohammed S. Nurudden0815***2876
88.Mukolo Henry0902***6138
89.Njokuji McJames O.0706***1338
90.Obitte Chidozie0803***4185
91.Ogar Linda0815***6200
92.Ojeake Danielle0802***8560
93.Okiemute Ogheneovo0815***9959
94.Okoro T. Mba0813***5420
95.Okpara Ifunanya Mary.0906***3242
96.Olotu Favourite0803***6547
97.Olubayo Obasanjo0706***9455
98.Omajemite Tosan Denise 0802***2944
99.Onimisi Mateo0906***8866
100.Oreifie P. Andrew0802***1548
101.Osakpolor Destiny0703***4424
102.Oscar Etiosa0703***6256
103.Paul Kwasau0703***2835
104.Pratt Tamunonengi0703***0430
105.Princess O. Ajing0802***3443
106.Queen Cletus0803***0331
107.Rahila Mohammed0803***4788
108.Rita Z. Samuel0809***2704
109.Ruth Jonah0803***0240
110.Saliu Memunat0815***4449
111.Samagoro Alexander0813***3814
112.Sandaram Mohammed S.0810***6220
113.Shafiq Hassan0909***9991
114.Shimi Williams0813***6161
115.Toluwani Joyous0813***3046
116.Tuoyo Bright0803***3643
117.Ubong Obut Belinda0815***4717
118.Umoh Chidinma0803***8346
119.Umuko Oritsejolomi0703***4228
120.Unogwu Dennise0813***0194
121.Uwaila S. Zino0803***3442
122.Vincent Ejike0706***7309
123.Vivian Orji0810***3676
124.Williams Atim0906***4212
125.Zainab M. Sambo0703***8991


All awardees have been contacted via email and the phone number above. Please check your spam/junk folder if your name appears above and you haven’t seen the Scholarship Award Letter in your inbox.

Update on Your Feedback/Complaints

We wish to appreciate your feedback and complaints received after the Aptitude Test, they will in no doubt ensure we continue to improve the effectiveness of our scholarship application, vetting and disbursement processes.

Most feedback were positive regarding the overall conduct of the test and the effectiveness of the testing server which handled all the test applicants smoothly (with very little network related issues).

Regarding complaints, about 40% of complaints (which makes up 3.7% of total Aptitude Test takers) centered on lower than expected scores. We take these complaints seriously, even though it only affected a small fraction of tested applicants. Other complaints included Missed Test Category where some applicants mistakenly submitted the test without answering a category or two; Unresponsive Test Screen (which was mostly a client-side device or browser issue), and Missed Test Date.

To this regard, we have done a thorough review of the test results and have made or will implement some adjustments as stated below:

  1. Lower Than Expected Score
    a. As explained before the test, all activities regarding the test are logged. Some users had the habit of checking answers during the test and were detected, hence the next answered question was not graded.
    b. Having said the above, users who left the test screen for very brief periods (5seconds or less) will have the missed answer regraded and added to their overall grade. (This decision was taken to account for possible brief network interruptions).
    c. To clarify, there was no negative-marking in the test.
  2. Missed Test Category
    a. Test takers who submitted the test too early without seeing one or two categories will have the answered category graded over 100%, discarding the missed category.
    b. Applicants in this complaint category will however be penalized 10% total grade.
    c. Note that this applies only to applicants who did not see any question in the missed category and not to users who saw the questions and skipped them.
  3. Unresponsive Test Screen
    a. From the activities log, users in this category did not heed to using Chrome Browser for the Aptitude Test, as such, no action will be taken on our part.
  4. Missed Test Date.
    a. Applicants who missed their test dates during the test period were allowed to write on a different day. However, users who missed the test days altogether will not be allotted another date after the Grace Period (which was used to test visually impaired applicants).
    b. Applicants who could not write the test will be contacted to write again in the second batch.

All applicants who sat for the test are advised to visit the Aptitude Test Zone to regularly check for any changes in grade percentage from now until 5th January when all result changes must have been effected.

Note that applicants who still fall short of the announced cut-off mark will be invited to rewrite the test in the second batch without payment of enlisting fee.

Applicants who score above the cutoff mark and passed document verification should expect a Scholarship Grant Notice in their official email from the 15th of January.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback.

Yuletide Giveaway Updated (Recharge and Data included)

Season’s Greetings !

You may be aware, as announced HERE, we started the Yuletide Giveaway to add a little fun to the holiday celebrations by giving away airtime recharge codes “openly hidden” in places around our website.

While so many have reported to have seen the recharge codes, we have noticed that some persons are finding it hard to understand how to win from it, hence this announcement.

We have DOUBLED our initial number of codes to allow more people win. We have also included some special codes you can find and text to us to redeem Mobile Data of up to 3GB for either Glo, MTN, Airtel or 9Mobile.

How to win:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Browse through all the pages you can find on the site.
  3. Ensure you reach the bottom of all the pages while looking.
  4. Look for hidden clues. (You may see clues like “Try Again“, “Relax and Check Later“, “Giveaway Codes Can be Hidden around here“, etc and the codes themselves like “Glo: 1234-1234-1234-1234“)
  5. Data codes will look like “Data Code: 1234“, you are expected to send the code to our WhatsApp number for validation and to receive the data.
  6. Try to take a break after sometime and check again later in the day if you can’t find one after about 10-20minutes.
  7. As you browse different posts and pages, you may see content of interest to you that may also add value to your experience.

Additionally, we have made some of the codes bold so that they are easier to find. Used codes will also be indicated as such so that you don’t have to attempt loading it.

Note: Some codes will require special actions to reveal (like following specific links, commenting, etc). Some will simply display at random times to lucky users. Hope you will be one of them.

Be rest assured that our service team will still be attending to feedback and vetting applications as received during the yuletide period.

Have a fun-filled season.

Yuletide Giveaway

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for being a member of the College Relief Fund Scholarship portal.

The year 2021 has been a major upgrade generally around the world. Like you, we are happy that it is finally coming to an end.

While we will be busy at work during the festivities, we are doing a Fun Giveaway on the site as part of our holiday gift to you.

There will be codes for airtime (N200 – N1000) showing up at random times on random pages of the site for logged in users. We have also included some special codes you can find and text to us to redeem Mobile Data of up to 3GB for either Glo, MTN, Airtel or 9Mobile.



GLO Recharge Codes: 442341470121669, 442341575185713, 442341506373580, 442341543886077, 442341538278096, 442341490910571, 442341561499245, 442341526037124, 442341561743489, 442341435848296, 408156003679572,

MTN Recharge Codes: 76475052281836980, 82955058615375232, 97206208826236804, 85525998019424109, 71153672395775513, 53440417451077951, 94438199222775452, 04275419279387794, 83271012216245214, 99589817676183327, 9529589978,

Airtel Recharge Codes: 5500487635440675, 5632740691566522, 5478906576199968, 5897065580612470, 5726741921714675, 1764983044595682, 1381704644348515,

9mobile Recharge Codes: 608850595995239, 592796301195174, 260472688226419, 590776684917899, 371586950932831,


1. Ensure you are logged in to your account.

2. Browse through all the pages and blog posts you can find on the site. You can START HERE.

3. Ensure you reach the bottom of all the pages while looking.

4. Look for hidden clues. (You may see clues like “Try Again”, “Relax and Check Later”, “Giveaway Codes Can Be Hidden around here”, etc and the codes themselves such as “MTN: 123456789015345”)

5. Data codes will look like “Data Code: 12345678“, you are expected to screenshot and send the code to our WhatsApp number for validation and to receive the data (first come first served).

6. Try to take a break after some time and check again later in the day if you can’t find one after about 10-20minutes.

7. As you browse different posts and pages, you may see contents of interest to you that may also add value to your experience.

8. Higher Recharge denominations are rarer to find. Wish you luck.

Note: Some codes will require special actions to reveal (like following specific links, commenting etc), some will simply display at random times to lucky winners. Hope you will be one of them.

To help us remove used codes, please comment here after you recharge it. You can simply paste the last 4 numbers and the network for security reasons.

Have a fun-filled season!

Dilemma! Pursuing Money Vs Education: Should I Drop Out Of School? – Please Advice.

Please I really need your advice, I asked last year whether to focus on my skill or continue with education where I got different responses to continue with education but now I’m thinking in a different way.

My skill is still there which I’m unable to use here in school, but I found out another source of income (which is LEGIT) but this source clashes with my time table in school.

I have to be online from 1:00pm-11:00pm (which is 7:00am-5:00pm over there but sometimes I might just be online for 3-4hrs and still make better stuffs and just log out ) to be able to a meet up with things.

I did this last month not up to two weeks and I’m able to make more than 100,000 which I’m very happy about.

So my main concern now is that is it advisable for me to leave school and focus more on this stuff I’m doing (I’m in 100l and we are in our second semester and lecture started last week which handicapped me from doing this work)?

Because it is very impossible for me to be in the lecture hall and be running this stuff because I’m already concluding that I shoud just leave this school and go rent a small apartment and continue this work I’m doing.

So please ADVICE is urgently needed for me to know the path to follow so as not to regret later.

Drop your comments below on how you will advice such a person.

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